Government takes and redistributes

I am always amazed when I read a letter from a reader who believes that the government has the ability to give its citizens anything ("Hillary Clinton cartoon was shameful," June 28). Maybe those readers know something that I don't know. When I went to school, I was taught that the government did not have the means to give anything -- the government doesn't have anything to give. It has the ability to take from those who have and redistribute it to others, and that happens all the time. The government doesn't give you anything; it is paid for by the people.

The writer stated that the Democrats gave us Medicare and Social Security. That's a joke. They passed a law along with those stupid Republicans that made working people pay for those programs, then the all-giving Democrats (Lyndon Johnson and crowd -- the Great Society), along with the stupid Republicans, stole the Social Security fund to fund a program that has kept people in poverty to this day. The people whom we elect make laws that keep them in their positions; that's all they care about. There should be term limits on all elected officials, because the people are too stupid to vote them out.

In November, the election will direct the government on the way the people want it to go -- and if Barack Obama is elected, the government will have open license to steal everything from the working class and give it to those who are kept in poverty. Of course, John McCain is not my pick for president either. I wish Zell Miller was running.

Verlon McLeod, Augusta



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