Time to send an expert to U.S. Senate

Ask Rand Knight why he is running for the U.S. Senate and you'll get this answer:


"I understand the struggles. I have a wife and two young children. I work a full-time job. I pay nearly $4 at the gas pump and I consistently see the price of groceries increasing. I can help lead the nation toward energy independence, energy efficiency and long-term economic security that will lead to an era of extended prosperity for everyone."

An ecologist with a Ph.D in ecosystems analysis, Rand spear-headed a team effort to get line-item legislative approval of the National Ecological Observatory Network -- a cyber-infrastructure gathering data on the nation's most compelling ecological challenges such as regional drought, violent storms, flooding, and tornadoes currently pounding parts of America. And he did it through consensus building, not filibustering.

"Our leadership's failure to recognize the massive economic opportunity that exists in building the infrastructure for clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency could result in more wars, economic despair and the collapse of the petroleum-dependent food production, processing and delivery network," he says.

We need more candidates like Rand with a vision of energy independence to invest in a new, energy-efficient infrastructure for the United States.

When Saxby Chambliss defeated Max Cleland in 2002, the price of crude oil was $29.04 a barrel. Now it's $139. Georgia's political destiny was entrusted to a lawyer for the last six years -- perhaps it is time to bring in an expert.

Amanda Lang, Augusta