Energy solutions must be pursued now

Thank you for Tuesday's editorial emphasizing the compelling need for a national energy policy ("This just in: It's raining!" June 10). We do indeed need a realistic and immediateÂenergy policy.


Those who believe in global warming must push for immediate nuclear power worldwide.

We built each Savannah River Site reactor in less than a year, once we had the design. We need that kind of emphasis and priority now, not an occasional new reactor in 10 years!

The problem here is that a realistic world government is needed to control the plutonium made by worldwide reactors; otherwise nuclear explosives will become as common as gun powder.

We must require that our tree-hugging, Al Gore-loving neo-socialists sell a world run by the United Nations if we are to support their global warming programs. (A U.N.-IRS? A U.N. Army and FBI?)

For those of us who don't believe in global warming and are terrified by the prospect of a U.N. world government, we must push for oil from the ground, from shale, from coal, as economics dictate, for the next century or so while we bring on substitutes like ethanol from cellulose, U.S. nuclear power, hydrogen and electric cars for when all the coal and oil is used.

Fred Christensen, Aiken, S.C.



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