Why I'll be voting against Sen. Graham

On primary day Tuesday, when you consider your choice for U. S. senator from South Carolina, please remember the following about Sen. Lindsey Graham: He co-wrote the failed Amnesty Bill of 2007 with Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and John McCain.


After numerous polls, tens of thousands of phone calls and e-mails, he calledÂthe citizens of South Carolina "bigots" because we disagreed with him on the amnesty bill.

He supported McCain's campaign finance reform bill that furnished us with the MoveOn.org mob and made free speech just before an election a thing of the past. ...

Graham vigorously participated as a member of the famous "Gang of 14" senators to forge a compromise on the Democrats' use of the judicial filibuster, thus blocking the Republican leadership's attempt to implement the so-called "nuclear option." Again, South Carolinians overwhelmingly disagreed with Graham, and inundated him with telephone calls, letters, e-mails and faxes. As expected, Mr. Graham again ignored his constituents and fell in line with John McCain and the Democrats.

When Hillary Clinton spent a week in Alaska to investigate one of the left's favorite causes, global warming, her traveling companions were three Republican senators: John McCain, Susan Collins and our senior Sen. Lindsey Graham. They agreed, in the words of McCain, that there was "overwhelming scientific evidence" of climate change and that "human activities play a very large role."

Sen. Graham has repeatedly said that he doesn't worry about what his constituents have to say, and that he is not worried about getting re-elected. It's time for the residents of South Carolina to show the entire nation that ÂSouth Carolina conservatives will not support a senator who refuses to listen to their constituents who elected him and sent him to Washington. I will be casting my vote for Buddy Witherspoon, who represents my opinion and philosophy and that of Sen. Jim DeMint.

Proctor Bush, Aiken, S.C.



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