High gas might force changes

Now that gas prices are so high, I expect to see some changes in this country:


I expect Americans to stop giving billions to the lottery and gambling industries.

I expect tobacco companies to go broke from Americans' refusal to put billions of dollars up in smoke.

I expect the alcohol giants to dry up and get real, sobering jobs.

I expect crime to go down for lack of cheap fuel.

I expect adultery to be practically nonexistent, since it's cheaper to stay home and sleep in your own bed.

I expect the entire sports and entertainment industries to dissolve and people to spend such wasted time working for profit.

I expect Americans to re-evaluate their rejection of God.

Until then, however, I expect to continue driving my SUV with joy and gladness.

The Rev. Timothy Fellows, Aiken, S.C.

(The writer is pastor of The Church of Philadelphia in Aiken.)



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