Hillary Clinton is ruthless, conniving

Sen. Hillary Clinton is vain, emotion-driven and truth-challenged, and will say and do anything, moral or immoral, to get what she wants.

Sen. Clinton uses her religion as nothing more than an expedient covering for her self-serving agenda. She lied about being shot at by a sniper. When called out, she claimed it was a mistake. It was not a mistake; she told a blatant lie.

In the beginning, Michigan and Florida did not matter to Sen. Clinton. Now, they matter because things have not gone her way.

Sen. Clinton's commercial asks the question, "Who do you want answering the telephone at 3 a.m.?" My answer is someone who is not going through mood swings or hot flashes. However, truth, morality and integrity does not matter to the followers of Sen. Clinton, because cannibals elect cannibal kings.

Kevin Palmer, Martinez



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