Enough with this anonymous minutiae

The Augusta Chronicle's Rants and Raves section, and other such sections in other newspapers -- those warts on the end of the papers' noses -- are irritating, serve no intelligent purpose and would make the paper more appealing if they were removed!

Excising that trivia would leave more room for news, features or letters with a purpose, which are signed, for goodness sakes! I mean, who really cares if Lucy's dog left a "cow patty" in Marissa's yard (except Marissa), Junior needs to turn down his amplifier after 7 o'clock, or someone needs to tell the hoods to stop razzing my (perfect) kid?

Look at it this way: If someone has a reasonable gripe or kudo, one that actually needs attention, the way to address it is either write a letter and sign it, go to the proper authorities, attend city and or council meetings, actually talk to the people involved instead of calling the paper, or go next door and tell Lucy to keep her dog in her yard!

Actually, perhaps the columns should be in the papers' comic sections, where they would fit right in!

Molly C. Gray, Aiken, S.C.


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