Death in '79 has grim modern connection

I was going through some papers recently when I came across something that my best friend wrote in 1977. She wrote:


"I still can remember the time we shared everything. We shared peanut butter sandwiches and tricycle rides. We shared our toys and Daddy's tools. We worked and played together. Why, I remember the time we dumped Cheerios and Jell-O into the fish bowl. And then there was the time I fell off your tractor and you ran home to get me a Band-Aid. Most of all I remember the affection of sitting on the house steps, arms around each other. We really loved each other. Then you grew up.

"For my brother David."

Margaret died April 10, 1979. She didn't fall off of David's tractor. She died in his truck after it turned over while he was driving recklessly. Margaret's brother is David Mark Hill, who is scheduled to be executed in South Carolina on June 6 for the 1996 slaying of three social workers after he lost custody of his children.

My heart goes out to the families of his victims. It's been almost 30 years since I lost Margaret, and the pain is just as fresh as if it happened yesterday. What gets me through is the belief that, even after his execution, there will be a higher court -- higher than that in the state of South Carolina -- to which he will have to answer.

Jo Ann Lewis, Hephzibah



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