Pollution will take our breath away

Since Augusta has attained the terrible distinction of being the 21st-most polluted city in all of America -- according to Rob Pavey's front-page article ("Pollution rank rises in Augusta," May 2), how can anyone possibly justify constructing a proposed 850-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Washington County?

Recently, you published another informative article that explained that the rate of childhood asthma in Augusta has apparently increased significantly during the past several years. Will the "powers that be" be satisfied only when every man, woman and child in our area suffer from asthma or other related breathing disorders?

When calculating the true cost of building this huge plant, one should include the projected resulting increased medical costs and potential deaths associated with the CSRA citizens' breathing increasingly polluted air.

Hopefully, state regulators and common sense will prevail in this situation, and the plant will never be built. We should all at least have the right to breathe clean air.

William D. Wansley, Thomson



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