Autumn Trail has too many speed bumps

Recently, speed bumps were installed on Autumn Trail, the road leading into Sugarcreek Subdivision from Lewiston Road. While this may seem to be a well-thought-out decision to slow down vehicle traffic, I question the number of bumps that were installed.

You now have a 1.2-mile residential road with 11 speed bumps. This is a neighborhood where the home lots range from one to five or more acres, and in fact many of the homes are not visible from the road. There are numerous vehicles who attempt to drive around the bumps with one tire on the grass beside the road. You now have homeowners attempting to block these vehicles with cinder blocks, garbage containers, rocks, stakes and, at times, by leaving their cars parked next to the speed bump. In short, you have significantly detracted from the beauty of a neighborhood, and most probably, reduced resale values for homes in the neighborhood.

For those individuals who may desire the installation of speed bumps in their neighborhood, I invite you to take a "peaceful" drive down Autumn Trail. Finally, I wonder how much of your tax money was spent for this "traffic improvement."

Robert Davis, Grovetown



Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

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Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

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