Jeremiah Wright helps pave the way for Hillary Clinton

I believe that Jeremiah Wright has now single-handedly torpedoed Barack Obama's already-slim chance to win the presidency.

How Obama could ever sit down to dinner with Wright again is beyond me. I've never seen a person sabotaged by a supposed friend this way. It should have been obvious to Wright that the thing to do would be to disappear until after the election. Wright has either gone mad or is putting his own agenda over Obama's.

Of itself, this does not disappoint me. I am rarely in agreement with the mostly humanistic, socialist objectives of the Democrats. It doesn't matter how well they speak or what they look like. What makes it so bad to me is that this will allow Hillary Clinton to slip in through the back door via superdelegates.

Ideologically, Clinton and Obama (and John McCain, for that matter) are largely peas from the same pod. Clinton, however, lacks gravitas and integrity, and brings far too much baggage to the table.

Stu Crosby, Grovetown



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