Troubled veterans deserve our help

Heartfelt thanks to Ann Carey for her letter ("Man was more than what news said," April 14), bringing us the important, clarifying details of Matt Walker's life and courage. But for her letter, he would have passed as only "homeless."

Here apparently was a U. S. Navy veteran who accomplished a very great deal through education and works, and who was possibly heroic, but got sick with serious depression after his mother died. It happens more often to good people than we like to think. The Careys gave him a job and self-respect and a roof.

Many among us, especially veterans, suffer loss of function after they lose loved ones or experience too much stress. They generally remain responsible for their actions, yet it behooves us all to treat such folks as tolerantly and helpfully as they will let us.

The Careys are also heroes in their own way. Congratulations to them.

Toni Shiver, Augusta


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