Stop Broun's incessant calls, mailings

Evidently a number of U.S. Rep. Paul Broun's constituents are turned off on his campaign for re-election to the congressional seat he won after the death of U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood.

I am so tired of receiving mail and phone messages several times a week -- and it is not even close to election time. I have written to him several times asking that my name be removed from his mailing and calling lists. This has been to no avail. The mail and calls keep coming. My point is that if he cannot follow the wishes of a constituent on this request, he certainly will not follow what constituents want of him on major issues!

When I receive something with his name on it, I immediately put it in the shredder. However, I did open a letter recently. I quote: "I am a fierce advocate in Washington for cutting taxes and for cutting federal spending. I want to get rid of this wasteful nonsense in Congress." I believe he could begin by stopping useless mailings and phone calls. I don't even know his platform, but I can assure him that I will not vote for him, based on my feelings about those annoying messages and his refusal to remove my name from his contact lists.

Mary Frances Richards, Evans



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