Look at Obama's record to see the man

Many of the following facts have been kept from the public regarding Sen. Barack Obama. It is important that they know of these facts, then decide what kind of person he really is:


- He voted against a bill to protect babies who survive abortion attempts.

- He voted against the Bush tax cuts, and against repealing the death tax.

- He wants to raise the amount of your Social Security benefits that can be taken.

- He voted against confirming Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

- He has vowed to force universal health care on us.

- He insists that his support for legalized abortion doesn't make him less Christian.

- His Chicago church describes its congregation as "Africans" who remain "true to our native land, the mother continent."

- He voted against banning partial-birth abortions.

- He voted against a bill that would have doled out harsher sentences to gang members who commit crimes.

And Obama's preacher -- who told his parishioners they should sing "God d--- America" instead of God Bless America. A preacher is supposed to preach love, as Jesus would. Instead, for 20 years Obama and his family have continued going to this church and listening to treasonous sermons against our country.

Do not trust Obama, and above all research his agenda. His wife even spoke ill of the United States.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The tree, in this case, is the rhetoric from the church he attends. Be wise.

Elizabeth O. Leon




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