Brian Nichols case is a sorry travesty

Recently I sat in my living room, and the television network A&E was showing a repeat about what all murder suspect Brian Nichols is alleged to have done in 2005 in that Atlanta courthouse. Every time I think of those three shooting deaths, it makes my blood boil! The pain and the humiliation this case has caused the police and the court system!


Every time I think back on this in disbelief, it bothers me. How could one person cause so much pain for so many people? Nichols showed no remorse to anyone -- or did he ever have a regret? His only regret probably is that he didn't get away.

And now we're being told he is being accused of getting help trying to get out of jail with the help of jail staff. Who does this person think he is? Any people who tried to help him escape need to be charged as accessories to a crime.

Brian Nichols has made a mockery out of the judicial system, and Atlanta never will be able to live it down. You know it's bad when you can't feel safe in a courtroom that is surrounded by police, but one person gets away from them all.

Nichols' day is coming. If they find him guilty, I personally hope they put him in a maximum security cell with no windows, and he can rot.

I wish I didn't feel so affected by the Nichols case, but it's almost as if it shows me that crime pays at some point in time. Just look at everything he is accused of getting away with. It wouldn't surprise me if they made a movie out of it. I'm just waiting on that.

Tina Cloer, Augusta



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