Article on Brown is gross distortion

I was told by GQ magazine that an article, titled "Papa," would be coming out in April on the legendary James Brown. When I read the article, I dropped the magazine.

Mr. Brown has had his ups and downs as all of us have. I have witnessed the tears in his eyes from personal and private conversations with him as I ministered to him and his father. But what I read here made a music icon look like he had no respect. Some of the choices of words for the actions they chose to attribute to Mr. Brown did very little justice for the compassion and the discipline one should have when world-renowned.

I saw him as a compassionate man who gave to the poor, helped children, supported education and gave to countless organizations and people striving in a world that shows less concern for others as when he was small. All the quotes from others expressed their feelings about him, but I stand to say: Who came out in the cold of winter, very sick, standing, greeting and giving food to thousands while others in good health would stand well and in good weather?

Mr. Brown brought music to a level millions copied, and now his life and legacy is losing the "i" and leaving only the "con."

The Rev. Larry Fryer, Augusta



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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