AP keeps spewing its socialist line

After the Associated Press's many praises of socialism and communism, and its attacks on Republican George W. Bush, it's not hard to see that AP is replacing the conservative majority's choice with its own: one-world socialism.


They do this by approving all Democrats, who as liberals are the closet to socialism in a democracy, and denouncing all Republicans, who want lower taxes (the opposite of high-tax socialism) and a strong military, which could defeat the press's beloved communism.

This love of socialism by AP is seen in the Democrat candidates that they fawn over: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, exceedingly liberal Democrats who rank 16th and first, respectively, in Senate liberal voting.

Clinton has ties to socialism, with her campaign comment that she has so many programs planned that America won't be able to afford them. She also wrote her college thesis praising the works of socialist radical Saul Alinsky, and served as a legal intern in the office of the attorney for the Communist Party USA. Those facts are too tough for AP.

As reported March 19 on Hannity and Colmes on Fox News, the church Obama and his family have been attending for 20 years preaches "liberation theology." Ken Blackwell, a black former secretary of state from Ohio, said, "Liberation theology has, as its (tenet), socialism as its economic underpinning. It believes that government, not the individual, is primary."

Fox News broke the story, which forced AP to come out with the "news," which was in the form of defending Obama and never mentioning the socialism aspect of his church, which AP was trying to slip past readers.

So, we're one TV network away from information oblivion. That should calm you down seven months before the election.

Tom Hunter, Augusta



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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