Obama has to have been influenced

I have waited and watched. I have paced and grumbled. But it is time to come clean: Barack Obama is a radical maniac. His recent defense for the "reverend" Jeremiah Wright as a pastor and spiritual leader should open the eyes of every Democrat in the United States, then make them cry tears of reality.


His defense of Wright was, as I would expect, that Wright's comments were shameful, but he did not disown or denounce the reverend in any way. Obama recently commented to ABC News: "This is somebody who I knew for 20 years. He was my pastor, he wasn't my political adviser. He wasn't somebody who was, you know, shaping my thoughts about most issues."

As a practicing Christian, just as Obama is, I let God and the denomination that I choose shape my beliefs and values, be they personal or political. Obama's political actions should mimic his core Christian beliefs. A pastor does not simply believe on certain Sundays that America was to blame for the Sept. 11 attacks. He does not "damn" America only when he is riled up. These are beliefs that the pastor has, and as a result, his congregation should share.

The Obamas attended this church for more than 20 years, and he expects us to believe that he had never before heard these radically insane and crazy comments?

As a voting Republican, I have advice for liberals: Get your act together. They fought a hard battle in 2006 to gain control of Congress, but once again, they are about to destroy what should be a close election. It scares me to think that if this election is lost by the Republicans, that we would have to live under a lunatic such as Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton for president 2008!

Eric Hauff, Martinez