Commend Obama for standing by friend

Put yourself in the shoes of a young ambitious black man who was born when blacks were not integrated into the military. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was just 14 years of age when 42-year-old Rosa Parks resisted sitting in the rear of the bus. When he was 22 he heard the Rev. Martin Luther King give "I Have a Dream" speech. Five years later, Dr. King was murdered when Wright was 27!


He had to be bitter and angry in Chicago -- particularly with the politicians in America.

Veteran columnist Cal Thomas should know this, but not up-start egotistical Sean Hannity. Hannity wasn't even 2 years old when Dr. King spoke. How could he know how Dr. Wright felt?

Hannity, who failed to finish New York University -- in giving his facetious "my friend" greetings to Bill Bennett and Newt Gingrich, two extremely well-educated mentors -- shows conceit and ego that will soon cost him in the ratings. His opinionated, arrogant style, interrupping guests (former U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr.) makes me turn off Fox. He repeatedly showed the Wright sermon clips every chance he had. He stoked the fire.

Barack Obama could have taken the easy way out by disavowing his relationship with Dr. Wright. But no, he held his grounds and gave up millions of votes to stand by his preacher, even though he does not agree with those selected sound-bites.

I'm a certified Republican and plan to vote for John McCain. As a Life Scout, a Presbyterian elder and a combat veteran of World War II, I know what friendship and loyalty is all about. So does Obama -- not Hannity.

R.K. Hoddinott Jr., Augusta


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:30

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