'Revolutionary' column was outrageous

Joaquin Godoy's recent opinion piece in The Augusta Chronicle ("Obama movement could propel our nation into revolutionary awakening," March 4) predictably demonstrated his vitriolic hatred and lack of understanding of this country.


He makes statement after statement without factual basis. He cites 35 million living below the poverty line, but fails to identify what that line is, and how it compares to countries like his native Cuba. Perhaps he should return to his homeland to build rickety rafts for those risking their lives to escape the "workers paradise." They would be delighted to live under a poverty line that affords a lifestyle many times higher than their own. Godoy favors abusive and repressive regimes that invariably build barriers to keep those seeking freedom from migrating to a nation that has to build a fence to keep people out!

His utopian vision of a future administration based on hope is pathetic. No amount of hope can dissuade pathological killers from murdering citizens. We had an administration based on hope when Hitler decided to conquer the world. It soon became apparent that "hope" would not get the job done. That is when resolve and a strong military ensured that guilt-ridden America-haters like Godoy would someday have the freedom to write lies and distortions in a free press!

Godoy asserts that "this young generation is the future" -- deep! Can anyone cite a young generation that was not the future? Regardless, that future is in jeopardy if all the leadership can offer is "hope." Offering to talk peace with terrorists is nothing but a cheap platitude for those who are destined to end up without peace or freedom.

I find it interesting that he has toned down his hateful rhetoric since he has taken on the pseudo-title of "guest columnist." What publication claims him as a columnist -- Pravda or The Daily Worker? His opinions are apropos for Rants & Raves, where anonymity will protect him from rational scrutiny!

Paul Hopkins, Aiken, S.C.


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