Adviser reveals who Obama really is

The definition of mentor is a trusted counsel or guide, a tutor or coach. This is the relationship between Sen. Barack Hussein Obama and his former pastor as described by Sen. Obama himself.


The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, of which Sen. Obama and his wife have been members for 20 years, is bigoted and racist. The Rev. Wright claims true friendship with Louis Farrakhan, and calls him the "wisest man I ever met." The Rev. Wright was an adviser (since resigned) to Sen. Obama in his quest to become president. He has asked God to "damn" America, among other things, and lauded the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, as America getting our just punishment! According to him, we had it coming!

This all spoken from the pulpit! Many of us by now have been exposed to the bigoted sermons of the Rev. Wright, and the questions now for Sen. Obamareis: Why did he listen to these diatribes for 20 years without exercising his free will to simply get up and leave? Why did he not renounce his membership? Is this an example of the senator's good judgment in exposing his young daughters to the vitriolic hatred of this man? When hate is taught to our future generations, they will have hate, especially if it comes from the pulpit!

We are known by the company we keep, and we now know for certain who Sen. Barack Hussein Obama is! The ranting of the Rev. Wright reflects not the love of Christ, but venomous hatred.

Would we as a society not be better served to shun this type of person wherever found, and listen instead to "the better angels of our nature"?

Robert Smock, Hephzibah



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