What's wrong with secure borders?

In response to the letter to the editor "Illegal immigration foes are bigots" (Jan. 28): Why is everyone opposed to illegal immigration painted with the same brush of bigotry? Why is it wrong to want a secure nation?


I question the border fence because I don't know how effective it will be. There are some who want a fence on both borders. But how many Canadians are streaming across into the United States? Many come here because they dislike their health care system and want to use ours.

Yes, there has been prejudice against immigrants in the past. And there always will be. And there have been criminals and anarchists who have come in legally. But doesn't America have a right as a sovereign nation to decide who comes in and how many? Don't we have a right to know who is coming into our country? Our country is our home -- I am certain one would not let just anyone into their home.

There also are the problems of drug trafficking, human smuggling and terrorist crossing with little opposition if we fail to secure the borders.

Prior generations of immigrants did not expect government assistance. There is a percentage of immigrants who come here and look for this assistance as if it is a right. I find it troubling that non-citizens want and get the same rights and privileges of a U.S. citizen.

In Mexico, there are laws against non-citizens getting driver's licenses and holding jobs. The Mexican army patrols its border with Guatemala, and there are human rights organizations that can cite many incidents of mistreatment of those from other parts of Central America who attempt to cross into Mexico.

If you have a leaky boat, you plug the holes, then deal with the water. Our porous borders need to be plugged as best as possible, then we can deal with those already in the country.

George J. Weber, Augusta



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