County Dem leader gets it wrong again

Well, well, well. I see Lowell Greenbaum is at it again. It absolutely amazes me how the Democratic Party in Augusta can put up with his rants. Now, he is blaming the latest financial mess our nation faces on, who else, President Bush and those rascal Republicans ("News flash: The economy is tanking," Jan. 30).


Greenbaum blames the Bush administration for not regulating the subprime mortgages. News flash for Chairman Greenbaum: It isn't the president's job to regulate! Unless there has been a big change in the duties of our different branches of government, it is the job of Congress to pass legislation to regulate the actions of business. Didn't they teach him that in school? Next, he'll blame Bush for the birth of ugly babies!

Since Greenbaum obviously doesn't get it, I'll break it down for him. Congress, now led by his "compassionate" Democratic Party, has the ultimate power over our lives, the passage of laws and regulations, thus explaining why the messes we face in this nation have gotten worse! Is he seeing the light now?

Greenbaum states that the economic aid package that is currently being touted in Congress will hold our economy over until November, when Democrats will win, putting a stop to the war -- which Hillary voted for -- and the debt. If they do win, given the massive government programs that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are proposing, the only thing that will end will be our economy!

When that happens, everyone will suffer -- Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. Then who will Chairman Greenbaum blame?

Charles Kimbrough, Sylvania



Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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