Confused in presidential race? Don't be; the choice is clear

With the Georgia primary coming on Tuesday, I would like to give Georgia voters a couple of things to think about before they vote.


Democrats all seem to stand on the need for health care and bringing the troops home from Iraq.

The cost of health care is outrageous. But, the alternative, which would be some form of socialized medicine, is even more outrageous. If the government gets involved in the people's health care, the government in turn will invade the people's privacy. Socialized medicine is just a form of socialism. Socialized medicine may work well for some countries, but the United States is not one of those countries. The Constitution plainly says "to promote the general welfare." That doesn't mean a handout.

Bringing the troops home is a great idea and long overdue. But the troops should be brought home not only for the cost in lives and dollars. The war in Iraq is illegal, and based on lies and deceit perpetrated by President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. ...

Georgia voters, regardless of what you hear from the mainstream media, the clear choice on Feb. 5, should be Rep. Ron Paul. If you study his record, you can see he always bases his political decisions on the rule of law. For over 200 years, politicians have changed the rules to suit their agendas or to collect tidy kickbacks from lobbyists. This is not the case with Ron Paul.

If you were a Fred Thompson supporter, then your candidate should again be Ron Paul. Both support similar issues, so with Thompson out, Paul would be the next likely choice.

Ron Paul has gotten this far with support by ordinary people -- hardworking people who want real government of the people, for the people and by the people.

With the country in the state it is in, Ron Paul is the only sensible choice in 2008.

Rick James, Wagener, S.C.



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