Between illegal immigration and chaos

This is in response to Harold Szerlip's Jan. 28 letter ("Illegal immigration foes are bigots").


Dr. Szerlip's use of the term "self-serving bigotry" clearly defines a liberal tactic that will shut down debate. If you defend an ideal or a position you are a bigot or a racist by the mere fact that you disagree with their position.

I, for one, will not be intimidated by this rhetoric.

Illegal immigration is a crime. The vast majority of American citizens want secure borders. Immigration into this country has to be within the framework of existing laws. Illegal immigration is fixable. But, you cannot correct it without secure borders.

If it takes a fence or troops to secure our borders, so be it. Dr. Szerlip wants us to believe that if you are for security, you are a bigot. He also says that we all know what the "current wave of anti-immigration rhetoric is about." There is no wave of rhetoric concerning immigration, but there is discussion and debate concerning illegal immigration. But that is just another liberal tactic, in that they try to frame the debate incorrectly. It is illegal immigration that needs to be fixed.

Dr. Szerlip also writes that this is a free country. He is right; our laws provide certain freedoms. But this does not imply that persons can enter this country freely.

As citizens we have thousand of laws that provide a road map for behavior within our society. Without this road map, we would be truly free to do want we want, but it would not be a society. It would be chaos.

John E. Conley, Evans


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