Remarks were racially insensitive

Richmond County Board of Education President Jimmy Atkins has proven to me that he has a plantation mentality. Also, I consider him as someone lacking professionalism and class.


I'm saying these things because of the manner in which he stereotyped Dr. Wayne Frazier, the newly appointed principal to Tubman Middle School. It was totally insensitive for Mr. Atkins to indicate that, because of Dr. Frazier's 6-foot-5, 240-pound physical stature, it makes him the ideal person to be the new educational leader for Tubman Middle School.

For him to say such a thing lets me know that he views people of color apparently as being individuals who possess 100-percent brawn attributes and zero intelligence. Why couldn't he have publicly stated that Dr. Frazier is an intelligent educator who has the knowledge and expertise to bring about positive educational changes at Tubman Middle School?

Actually, that would be the type of positive statement that I would expect from Mr. Atkins in his leadership position. Am I to assume that, in the near future, he's going to say something stereotypical about his peer board members of color? He just might view them as being educationally inferior and he being educationally superior.

Since the days of the antebellum South, I do confess that today's South has evolved into being a better place for people of color. But people such as Mr. Atkins can't let go of old anti-ethnic attitudes that create biases toward people of color.

Therefore, I beg Mr. Atkins to bury his state of mind of the old South. Mr. Atkins needs to make a public apology for the racially insensitive remarks that he thrust at Dr. Frazier. This makes good sense. If he does this, then I will forgive his ignorance.

E. Maner, Augusta