Back Paul -- country is at stake

With the presidential campaigns in South Carolina, one can easily become depressed over the prospects of more of the same politics-as-usual in the years to come. The most optimistic thought that comes to my mind is that "King George II" will be gone a year from now. However, he won't soon be forgotten, as the stain he and his fellow travelers have left on the nation and the world will difficult to eradicate.


For those who are heartsick of the mendacity, arrogance, duplicity and self-aggrandizing behavior of the current crop of politicians, there is an antidote, if only the nation would be wise enough to seize it. That would be the nomination and election of Dr. Ron Paul as the 44th U.S. president.

Although it would not be easy, and it would not be quickly accomplished, he aims to initiate the restoration of the economic vitality of the nation and, in the process, reintroduce fiscal common sense. Since this has been egregiously missing for so long, and the big-government, big-business interests are so entrenched, there will be many huge battles to be fought.

I also am confident that Dr. Paul will be able to begin restoring America's prestige in the world, and will not entangle us in the horrendous debacle of "nation-building" (more properly named "nation-destroying"), which has been the hallmark of President Bush's reign. The jackbooted, ugly-American approach to world affairs has been disastrous, and much work and time will be required to repair the damage.

Dr. Paul is a man for all seasons. And it is in this season of turmoil and turpitude that he is most needed. I don't know whether he will be nominated or elected. But if he is not, perhaps it will be because we usually get not the government we want, but the government that we deserve.

Juliet Gilbert, Aiken, S.C.



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