South Carolina GOP cost us delegates

The South Carolina Democratic and Republican presidential primaries are just weeks away. Please consider the following facts:


The South Carolina Democratic Party originally set its primary date for Jan. 29, which is within the guidelines set by the national party. Later, the South Carolina Republican Party set its date for Jan. 19, which is in violation of its own national party guidelines. As a result, the national Republican Party cut in half the number of delegates South Carolina will be allowed to send to the national convention.

Next, the South Carolina Democratic Party moved its primary date back to Jan. 26 (still within national party guidelines), and invited the Republicans to move to the same date. The Republicans said "no."

The result are (1) South Carolina taxpayers will shell out millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses for having to run statewide primaries on two dates instead of one; and (2) South Carolina will have half the influence at the Republican National Convention that it should have.

Please consider which party showed good citizenship and financial responsibility, and which is responsible for this silly mess.

Sam Crouch Jr., Edgefield, S.C.



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