Medical staff were professionals all

Recently my wife, Toshiko, was diagnosed with cancer. Eisenhower Army Medical Center's oncology team, headed by Maj. Erik Rupard, did more than an outstanding job attending to her. Dr. Rupard's associates were absolutely personable, and showed compassion not only to Toshi but to all their patients with whom we were privileged to be associated.

Toshi had to be put on radiation therapy. We were referred to Doctors Hospital's Radiation Oncology Group. To our utter delight, every last person in that department is the epitome of professionalism and compassion. They have gone completely out of their way to accommodate our every request, even when we were on the verge of being unreasonable.

Toshi's primary physician is Dr. Jerry Howington. I will not try to name each person working with him for fear of forgetting a worthy one. It must be said that I did not meet one person there who was not completely devoted to their job. May God bless every person working there and may they have a wonderful holiday and life. They gave Toshi hers.

James R. Waid, Leah



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