Charity brightened seniors' holiday

I want to thank Augusta for the outpouring of love that was shown toward the residents of our area nursing homes this Christmas season.


The many residents without families who would not have had much of a Christmas were blessed with a multitude of useful gifts. The generosity shown by the many who donated items and money was inspiring. Our organization, When HELP Can't Wait, was able to donate to 12 nursing homes across the area. There were many happy faces and grateful seniors as we distributed the gifts.

Thanks to all those who called, who donated and who volunteered their help with the bagging and delivery. Thanks to The Augusta Chronicle, which helped us get the word out, so that no one was left out this Christmas.

These seniors need our attention all year long, and we appreciate all those who promised their continued support during 2008. Our wish for you is that your holidays were blessed by knowing that you brightened many lives with your gifts.

Thanks to you all.

Helen McVicker, Grovetown

(The writer is director of the nonprofit charity When HELP Can't Wait. If you would like to donate or volunteer, call (706) 729-8991.)



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