Think that drag strip idea through

This is in response to Daniel Caraway's letter concerning the need for a drag strip in Augusta ("Why don't we have a drag strip?" Dec. 9).


I have lived in Augusta since the early 1970s, and this area would not support a good drag strip with the attendance and financial support needed to operate. This area is mainly concerned with golf and horse-related events. It would get little if any coverage from any local media. I say this because we have a large National Hot Rod Association track, at Commerce, Ga., with many national events held there throughout the year, and there is no coverage of any of these events.

Another major concern in the operation of a drag strip is a sanctioning body. There are only two of these -- the NHRA and the International Hot Rod Association. The track at nearby Jackson, S.C., is an IHRA track, and I don't think the IHRA would be willing to sanction another track this close; it would be taking money from one of their established tracks.

I don't think this area can generate enough spectators or competitors to get NHRA sanctioning. The land could be obtained and a track built, but it would have to be a private or outlaw strip without national sanctioning.

I have given up on Augusta media recognizing how big the sport of NHRA drag racing has become, and how fiercely competitive it is. NASCAR gets massive coverage, but as far as real competition, NHRA racing makes NASCAR racing plain boring. I was a NASCAR fan, but now I attend all the NHRA events I can. I will never go to another NASCAR event.

Reese Lewallen, Martinez



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