Wasteful water leak must be fixed

This is regarding the water shortage we are having here in Georgia.


I live on a street near Goshen Road, and out in front of our home is a major water leak. My husband and I have reported it now three times. Two of the three times someone from the water department has been out and stated that they don't repair the lines; all he could do is go back and report it.

This leak is a main line, and before we bought our home three years ago the road already had been dug up, and the main line just repaired in the short time we have lived here. This has been looked at by the local water department, but only minor repairs have been made, and this leads to the line breaking and water just being wasted.

I would love to know how a person, if caught watering, would be fined, but the water department is allowed to let our water just continue to be wasted, and nothing is ever done to make a proper repair. We all know that if the problem was on my property the water department would want the repairs made ASAP.

However, I can continue to call, but no one seems to be in any hurry to make these repairs. The water department should be the first one that should be fined.

Kathrine Pounds, Augusta



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