Lowell Greenbaum still doesn't get it

Lowell Greenbaum at this very moment no doubt sits alone in yet another darkened corner, his paranoia running amok at President Bush's latest attempt to ruin lives. Pity him, for his latest invective ("Billing injured troops is shameful," Dec. 6) demonstrates again the common thread of ignorance, prejudice and application of flawed philosophical reasoning we have come to expect in his all-too-frequent rants.


Where will his fractured thoughts lead when Bush rides off into the sunset in Crawford, Texas? Sorry, but if 31 years of military service taught me nothing else, I learned all too well that the military compensation system is like a loaded vehicle hurtling down the interstate. In the main, it does its job beautifully, but the vehicle is totally oblivious to the rocks it kicks up now and again. I once didn't get paid for two months because a keypunch error changed my middle initial.

"Lowell Reasoning" (i.e., the system did a dumb thing; Jimmy Carter is president; I did not vote for Jimmy; therefore, Jimmy is out to get me) would have me assume Jimmy knew that I did not vote for him and sought retribution. Frankly, I would rather think Jimmy had bigger peanuts to boil.

Truth is, a system designed to move mountains will occasionally flatten molehills. And, while the results can be devastating to the individual, once made aware, generally the larger system of checks and balances eventually corrects the problem, without assistance from an ill-equipped letter-writer/philosopher.

Tommy Smith, North Augusta, S.C.

(The writer is a retired U.S. Air Force chief master sergeant.)



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