Grasp spiritual meaning of Christmas

Now begins the Christmas wars that seem to gain momentum with each passing year.


The powers that be on Earth want to eliminate Christ from even being spoken about or written. They want everyone to say "happy holidays" or, really, nothing at all. These are the holidays, that is true, but did they ever stop to think holidays mean "holy days"? Maybe that will be eliminated from our vocabulary as soon as they figure that one out.

Christmas trees are a symbol of a bright, shinning light that came into being one cold winters night in a little town called Bethlehem. That light was the Christ, the Savior of mankind; His name is Jesus.

The tree's star represents the coming of the Messiah. The bright beautiful lights represent joy, love, warmth and the knowledge that we have a Savior who has been born into this world to live and die and rise again so those who accept Him as Lord will be given the gift of eternal life. The tree represents the tree that grew to maturity, beautiful to behold, then cut down and made into a cross to crucify the slain Christ.

So stand up, Christians. Shout it loud: Merry Christmas! We are happy and joyful that Christ was born for us as the greatest gift mankind has ever received. Put the stars and lights on your trees and proudly proclaim for all to listen: Merry Christmas. Even if you don't have anything to put under the tree, it is still a time to celebrate the love of our Christ for all mankind.

To everyone, Merry Christmas. May God bless and keep each and everyone now and in the coming year.

Barbara A. Mohler, Beech Island, S.C.



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