Bulldog fans should count blessings

Maybe the "System won't pick true champion" as John Kaltefleiter alleges (Dec. 3), but University of Georgia fans should be thrilled that they're going to the Sugar Bowl.

If the Southeastern Conference eliminated the three preseason games that each team plays (Georgia vs. Oklahoma State, West Carolina, and Troy State -- combined score 124-64; and LSU vs. Middle Tennessee State, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech -- combined score 136-19), and played the remaining three SEC teams that they don't play, the poll rankings would be less controversial.

Comparative regular-season scores indicate that Georgia would lose to LSU by five and Arkansas by two, and prevail over Mississippi State by seven for an overall record of 8-4. LSU wins by five over Georgia, seven over Tennessee (sound familiar?) and 11 over Vanderbilt for a record of 10-2.

Championship prediction: Ohio State 24, LSU 21.

C.E. Hopson, Augusta