Support soldiers through fishing event

I want to personally thank the fine folks who provided their time, boats and fuel by showing up for the "Take a Soldier Fishing" event Nov. 18.


While proud that I was able to give something back to the fine men and women of our armed forces, I was sadly disappointed with the level of support from my brothers in the bass-fishing community. I hope and pray that next year's event will flood the Wildwood Park parking lot with more boats than soldiers.

We all have our opinions, politically speaking, and this event had nothing to do with any of that. It was simply an opportunity for us to thank the brave warriors who sacrifice so much for us to live freely.

What can it possibly hurt to give just a day of your life to these fine members of America's armed forces?

Please, take a moment to think about all we Americans have to be thankful for. Then think about what this country would be like without our military providing for, and defending, our way of life.

I leaped at the chance to offer some small token of appreciation to these brothers and sisters of the military.

I would like to extend a challenge to all bass fishermen, and anyone else who has a boat, to lay your obligations aside for a day so you can attend next year's event. Remember the men and women who have, in some cases, paid the ultimate price so we can be free.

The two young men I had the honor and privilege to fish with couldn't thank me enough. I am humbled by their respect and graciousness, and am filled with pride knowing such fine young men exist.

Count me in for next year's event. I can't wait, and hope to see you all there!

Marty Quesada Jr., Appling



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:02

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