Keep Christ in Christmas every year

Most people celebrate Christmas because it feels good, with holiday music, decorated trees, Santa for the children and togetherness with the family.


This time of year, every year, there are so many commercials that people get forced to spend and spend and spend some more. Then January comes and the bills start coming in, and we have not set aside enough money to pay them. Food, housing and car payments are all monthly bills to start with. It is too late to realize we were all taken in by Christmas advertising, and then we wind up with a financial hangover.

Most of the money we spend is on gifts others don't want or need, bought with money we don't have to start with. We give gifts as Christians, saying it honors Christ's birth, yet how many give Christ a gift?

Have you noticed that Christmas is so popular that even atheists and people of other religions celebrate it? If just professing Christians (I don't know how many in America, but many millions) would not be caught up in the spending frenzy, the secular businesses would suffer. The question is: Do we really honor God by all this spending at Christmas?

Someone said that if all Christians would stay away from the stores on Christmas and on Sundays, they would have to close from lack of business.

Nowhere in the Bible does Christ tells us to observe his birthday, but he tells us to observe his death and resurrection. God honors born-again Christians with eternal life, and the only tree he mentions is the "tree of life."

Christmas is a holy day, not a holiday. Let's keep Christ in our celebration this year.

Robert L. Thomas, Jackson, S.C.



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