Give us some of that old-time religion

Instead of Jesus doing a miracle for us, let's do a miracle for Jesus.


Let's go back to about the 1940s or 1950s. Remember how a church service was then? Remember how we sang the old hymns that brought tears to our eyes, and how the choir would sing an old hymn that would give you such a desire to hear God's word that you like to open the Bible and tell the congregation about the saving grace of God?

Remember how the preacher would preach on hell and the sin that sends us there? Remember how someone would go down to the altar weeping, and someone would go down and pray with them? Remember how we would raise our hands to heaven and rejoice with the angels because someone asked Jesus to come into his or her heart? ...

Later, not only did the church change, but many people changed with it. This opened the door to the American Civil Liberties Union, judges, politicians and the media.

Now -- don't pray, don't say Jesus. Some people are more concerned about Christ being taken out of Christmas, instead of telling loved ones and friends why Christ will always be in Christmas.

One miracle we can do for Jesus is to turn away from the ways of the world and pray for a real revival. Preachers can stop preaching what people want to hear, and preach about hell and the sin that will send us there. No more contemporary church services, no more contemporary music, no more contemporary dress. More coats and ties, and more pretty dresses or slacks for our teens and young people.

Sound crazy? Perhaps, but we should love to hear preaching against sin. We should pray for an old-time church service or revival in an old-fashioned way. This is the only way we will ever see change in the world today and tomorrow.

Bobby Rawls, Grovetown


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