Don't stifle church's needed expansion

As a Catholic for Christ, I am compelled to speak against those who are determined to do the will of Satan by insisting they are concerned for the preservation of a landmark.


The building is St. Mary Help of Christians Church in Aiken. Our church is in need of expansion, not destruction, as a few misguided parishioners are trying to make others believe.

Although our church is growing, we cannot afford to maintain two parishes. It seems these people prefer to show their need for materialism over the actual worshipping of God by Catholics who put God first. They also seem to have the need to show their power, prestige and wealth.

St. Mary's should be a church to worship in, for the glory of God, not one to be used as a showpiece of man's need for power to control others.

The expansion of St. Mary's will match the existing structure, inside and out. It is shameful and sinful that these people would use the landmark code in the act of using God to condone their own selfish needs.

Their actions of disrupting the desire of others wanting to worship the Lord in church rather than on a basketball court shows how much they prefer the material world more than the spiritual unity of all parishioners.

St. Mary's should have never been put in control of a few who would keep so many from worshipping God as a whole.

While I believe in keeping the beauty of St. Mary's intact, I do not believe the expansion would destroy. It would be done in the name of God, while the actions of a few parishioners is being done for the want of man.

For most of us the Holy Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But for others, there are those in this world, and yes, even at St. Mary's, whose Holy Trinity is the power, the wealth and the prestige.

Chandler S. Vincent, Aiken, S.C.



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