Government mustn't force vaccinations

What happened in Maryland recently could happen anywhere. Parents of 2,300 students of Prince George's County were ordered by the courts to vaccinate their children (with two mandated vaccines) or face stiff fines and jail time.


This enforcement of vaccine orthodoxy, though very disastrous, is not surprising. The orthodoxy, promoting the idea that pharmaceutical solutions provide the best path to good health, has been around for years and will continue. It is being reinforced by government agencies, school systems and the American Medical Association, to name a few.

Most likely the parents from Maryland never got around to vaccinating their children for various reasons, but most will be vaccinated in the end.

Meanwhile, nobody bothers to inform them that Maryland has both religious and medical exemptions for vaccinations, as do the other states. A number of them also have philosophical exemptions.

My hope would be that these parents educate themselves about the vaccines before deciding to allow their children to be vaccinated, and file exemptions if they choose not to.

Maurine Meleck, North Augusta, S.C.



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