Wayward cats deserve little sympathy

To Betty Widgeon from North Augusta, S.C., who was upset about the cat getting caught and killed (" 'I'm sorry' won't cut it over cat," Nov. 12): The reason people don't like cats running around free is that cats end up urinating and defecating in homeowners' yards, usually right beneath windows so that those who live there get to smell that particularly nasty odor.

Also, the fact remains that, if you have a cat, and if you want to let it out, you need to leash it . It's a law. The other thing is, cats run around willy-nilly and breed like -- well, like cats! Then we end up with a stray population of kitties that have no home and run around scrounging for food, spreading diseases and relieving themselves all over our yards.

So, if Ms. Widgeon wants to be mad at anyone about Daisy, she should be mad at Daisy's owners for letting the animal out unattended in the first place.

Cyndy Myers, Evans



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