Never lose sight of what is truly right

Today the sports world doesn't appear to produce many, if any, Wheaties box role models.


Notable athletes are having their records questioned or expunged, and one pro wrestler murdered his family before killing himself -- all because of suspected drug abuse. And who can forget Pete Rose's gambling scandal, or Kobe Bryant's sex scandal?

An Oct. 16th article by Mark Yost in The Wall Street Journal detailing 'the coarsening of American culture" described unbelievable crowd behavior at pro football games, and placed blame on the fans for their role in the sport's debacle and decay.

After the aforementioned incidents and article, it was not surprising to read that a local football coach and athletic director cheated during a recent game, and the principal of his high school apparently condones the coach's actions.

On Monday morning, one wonders how that principal explained to the rest of the student body the difference between cheating on the football field and cheating in class. Perhaps if you don't get caught, it is all right!

Hopefully, the students' parents and their pastors can try to repair the irreparable damage this coach and principal may have had on the developing characters of these young people.

In case fans, coaches and principals conveniently forget, there is still truth in the old adage: "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game."

Helen A. Skinner, Augusta



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