Beware the North American Union

Many Americans are unaware that our leaders are taking steps to dissolve our sovereignty and force us into a North American Union similar to the European Union. They are even following the pattern that entrapped the European nations.


As neighbors, there are areas where we must collaborate with Mexico and Canada, but concerns are growing as more learn about this project, which represents a radical change in how the three nations interact and cooperate.

U.S. Reps. Phil Gingrey and Tom Price of Georgia are two of the 22 members of Congress who signed a letter to President Bush on Aug. 6 stating their unease over agreements made in a very secretive manner since 2005. This secretiveness seems to be intended. Judicial Watch had to resort to the Freedom of Information Act for notes from a "North American Forum" attended by U.S. government and corporate officials, where reference was made to using "evolution by stealth" to prevent opposition to the goal.

According to an announcement from the three leaders, they have established the Security and Prosperity Partnership to "harmonize" U.S., Canadian and Mexican foreign policy, monetary policy and military policy. This explains why our government has been reluctant to close our borders. It undermines our security, laws and Constitution by making it easier for unsafe goods and people to cross our borders.

Congress' letter to Mr. Bush asked him not to agree to any further SPP activity, to tell Congress what provisions have been and are being planned, and to obtain authorization through proper legislative processes. That same week, the House adopted an amendment barring transportation department officials from participating in future SPP-related meetings. The vote was overwhelming and bipartisan.

If certain leaders continue to push for this outside our law and with approval from only bureaucrats and multinational businesses, the American people, too, will become less inclined to follow rules. There are no redeeming features to the North American Union effort.

J.H. Dennis, Augusta



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