Just vote for the best person in race

Although I live in Columbia County, and not affected by the coming elections in Richmond County, I find two recent Chronicle editorials pertaining to District 6 disgraceful!

The following statements are both double-talk on race and, I believe, demeaning to the candidates as well as to the people of District 6:

"It's an opportunity to make an indelible and lasting statement that race does not matter in choosing our leaders."

Followed by: "By electing this promising young African-American political newcomer in a white-majority district to replace an outgoing commissioner and tipping the racial balance on the commission from 5-5 to 6-4, you'll be committing an act of trust, maybe a leap of faith for some."

Followed by: "Some will back Joe Jackson, the sole white candidate in the District 6 race, because they believe a five-black, five-white commission must be preserved."

It's obvious that, in one statement, race doesn't matter. However, the next statement seems to imply that it's imperative that the racial balance must be tipped.

Tony Lewis must feel he's being pursued by The Chronicle more for the color of his skin than his ability, and Joe Jackson must feel he's not being pursued because of the color of his skin and not his ability.

Although I recognize that the Augusta Commission has its problems, The Chronicle could have approached this in a much better way! Ultimately, I'm sure the fine people of District 6 will vote for a person who will best represent them on the commission, and not base their decisions on the color of his skin.

Adam S. Gilmour, Martinez



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