Why not take down the levee?

I wrote an editorial about six years ago suggesting we take down the levee downtown and build on the Savannah River waterfront as they are doing in North Augusta. It hasn't happened, so you don't see people enjoying the river, shopping, dining, hanging out, taking water taxis, etc.

But you do see gridlock among our city commissioners, who seem to be concerned with things like hard drives, etc. Now we have politicians attempting to get the water thing going again, but nothing is happening because of fear and the lack of "the vision thing."

Flows in the Savannah River started going down in the 1800s, and are still going down, so our problem is too little water. The base of our levee is higher than the first floor of houses across the river. Such a shame, and such a waste of our greatest natural resource.

Ten million people a year go to San Antonio to see their dinky little river. Augusta could become a tourist destination of major proportions. Every other city seems to develop their waterfront. Why not our city?

Tom Swift, Augusta



Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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