Rising sea level? Hogwash

I must take scientific issue with the letter on global warming ("The proof is overwhelming for global warming," Oct. 7) from Brent Eno of Aiken, S.C.


He says "the sea level has been rising an inch every year over the past 30 years, according to a NASA/Columbia University research team."

Were those participants imbibing 190-proof lab alcohol when they made their study? I elucidate by giving a practical and understandable example that proves the statement is not only misleading but also wrong.

I have lived in the CSRA since 1960. Almost every year, I have taken the opportunity to visit the eastern coast of the United States, where the tides of the Atlantic ebb and flow.

Has anyone who has journeyed to the ocean during the past 30 years noticed an increase in the normal sea level of 2 feet during that time (30 years times one inch per year equals 30 inches). Wouldn't such a sea rise make Charleston's Ashley and Cooper rivers flow backward?

If such an increase were true, then parts of Hilton Head, Charleston, Savannah and Myrtle Beach would now be underwater. My personal observations indicate they are not.

Mr. Eno and the rest of the gullible population should use more common sense and analytical thinking when these global warming "facts" and "statistics" are bandied about.

H. Perry Holcomb, North Augusta, S.C.


Sat, 07/22/2017 - 22:57

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