Catholicism is misconstrued

Recently I was listening to a local radio talk show when the subject turned to Catholicism. A caller phoned in accusing Catholics of being idolaters because we pray to and supposedly worship saints and Pope Benedict XVI. Sadly, the co-host of the radio show, who is Catholic, failed to correct the caller. I'd like to do that now, as this is a widely held misconception about the Catholic faith.

We do not worship saints. We pray to them because they are close to God. We honor them, ask them to pray for us, and strive to imitate their lives of holiness.

We do not pray to the pope, but pray for him, as he is our leader and spiritual guide.

I hope this is some clarification to that caller and the hundreds of people who have this misconception of the Catholic faith.

Patricia Armstrong Nichols, Augusta


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:30

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