Bill Clyburn aids all constituents

This November, the residents of South Carolina state Senate District 25 can elect a senator who won't treat them as constituents - that's so impersonal - but as individual souls in need of strong representation. I am speaking of William "Bill" Clyburn.

Over the past 35 or so years, I have personally seen Bill Clyburn help anyone in a nonpartisan and compassionate way, regardless of race, economic status or party affiliation - before "politically correct" became a catchy phrase. True public service has to be a calling. Bill Clyburn has displayed the care, compassion and integrity that is lacking in so many of our elected representatives in this day.

Electing Bill Clyburn to Senate District 25 will ensure that you not only get the most qualified but, without a doubt, the best man to represent the interests of all the residents in District 25.

Earnest G. Smith, Aiken, S.C.



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