Spare trees along Interstate 20

I have to wonder if the Georgia Department of Transportation has any environmentalists on the payroll.


Watching the trees being clear-cut for the interstate project has been painful, especially for those of us who live adjacent to I-20. Since the widening of the road is to be in the median, is it really necessary to cut all the trees in the right-of-way?

I attended the gathering recently with Bill Kuhlke of the State Transportation Board and the DOT representative concerning Holly Haven. I appreciate Mr. Kuhlke meeting with us and attempting to make concessions. However, the DOT is still cutting down all the trees.

I am sure that studies have been conducted in other areas where trees have been left for sound absorption and for beauty. Is it any less dangerous to hit a concrete wall as opposed to a tree? I don't think so.

I am not against progress, but I think there must be a way to proceed without raping the land and destroying what little greenery we have left.

Sue Pittman, Augusta



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