Autism recovery can be within reach

Actress Jenny McCarthy is making the rounds of TV talk shows this week promoting her new book about the recovery of her son from autism. The autism community all over the country has been waiting for years to get this information to the public, and although it took a movie star to do it, we are happy it is finally in the news.


Hundreds of families have recovered their children from this devastating medical disease through biomedical treatments that often include a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, chelating out the toxins. These children's immune systems cannot normally eliminate the heavy metals, bacteria and viruses from their bodies.

Many of the TV hosts, with limited knowledge of the disease, are skeptical of accepting the term "recovered" - yet the truth is right out there, with videos of kids before recovery and after.

Now the most important step is for pediatricians to gain a full understanding of autism so they can help children in their own communities. There simply are not enough doctors educated in this field.

Families with affected children can see there is hope to improve the lives of their loved ones, and perhaps even recover them.

Maurine Meleck, North Augusta, S.C.



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